Cleaning and Care

A primary cause of PC failure is a lack of cleaning!


Even in a non-smoking environment, your PC heat sinks (the things that cool off the processor chips) will eventually ‘gack’ up with particulate dust. You can avoid overheating by remembering to thoroughly clean INSIDE your PC case every time you change the air filter for your home HVAC.

Laptops are super easy to clean- find the air vents, and using a can of compressed air, blow in short bursts into the vent holes, from the other side you should see a small dust cloud. Continue until you don’t see anything blowing out.


Desktop PCs can be a bit trickier due to the fact that most of us have them nestled into a corner, under a desk, integrally part of our work environment to the point where it becomes a chore to ‘move all that stuff and deal with those wires’. Well, in this case, an ounce of effort is worth considerable dollars when it fails! Ideally, you want to get inside the case and clean the main processor’s heat sink, however, even just ensuring proper case airflow will prolong the life of your PC considerably.


I am currently doing a Pre-Spring Cleaning Special of only $50!

So leave all the wires and mess to me- call to schedule an appointment today!



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