It’s YOUR data, don’t lose it!

I can’t recall how many clients I’ve had to deliver bad news to in regards to their data.


The good news for you, its preventable!

With most people moving towards digital storage for their personal pictures, documents, important financial info, and other files, its all the more critical to have a proper backup system in place. And no, this does not mean you need any fancy equipment, and a server-gnome to do it for you. In fact, Microsoft has a fantastic FREE utility just for this purpose, all you need is a USB thumb drive, and a few minutes to set it up.

Even more good news for YOU- I use this utility all the time, and have set up multiple clients to make proper use of it, with no losses of data yet!


So- if you want to ensure you keep your data for a long time, you *need* to get this one done.


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