Lightning….. not your PC’s friend


While it may be pretty to look at, and yes, your PC may need electricity to function, a direct hit is never a good thing…

I am originally from Florida, and please, believe me when I say lightning is a major issue with your computer. And it doesn’t even take a direct hit to fry your PC. Even if it’s off, but still plugged in, you can lose everything.


There are ways to protect yourself!

FIRST: Have a GOOD UPS / power conditioner. It doesn’t need to run it for days, it just needs to protect against those small blips when the power cuts off for <1 second. Power disruptions can cause data corruption and can damage the internal components.

SECOND: MAKE SURE YOUR DATA IS BACKED UP ONTO A REMOVABLE SOURCE! I cannot stress this enough. A disconnected usb drive is the best option for this, as I have already discussed in a previous blog.

THIRD: If you know inclement weather is approaching, TURN IT OFF. UNPLUG IT FROM POWER. AND___ UNPLUG IT FROM ANY DATA CONNECTIONS! I’ve seen my share of PCs that have died from a network card having been ‘zapped’.


I can help get you ready for summer. Call to schedule an appointment!



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