NOW is the time to schedule a visit for the winter-season. Spring is NOT the time to find out you have POS (point-of-sale) issues, or your server PC has died. A quick cleaning and inspection session can save you a world of headache when you fire the grills and the PCs back up.


Also, if you’re not happy with POS system, or thinking of upgrading, NOW is the time to call for a consult!  I work DIRECTLY with one of the largest POS support companies in the region, and can help YOU get changed over to Restaurant Manager POS !



Non-restaurants, don’t think you don’t need cleanings too! I recently did some service calls for a major (MAJOR) retail chain that has the foresight to care for their equipment. EVERY. REGISTER. I. OPENED. Was filthy. And these machines get cleaned on a regular basis, does your work computer? Do you have your critical data backed up?…….


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